Many concerned citizens throughout the Mid-Atlantic region are eager to return the James Adams Floating Theatre to serving coastal communities. We have started an initiative to promote, build and operate a replica of the original James Adams Floating Theater. Using donations generously provided by private donors we will construct a Show Boat, as accurately as possible, to the James Adams of the early 1900's. We will then take performances from port to port around the mid-Atlantic region, to many of the same ports where the original James Adams played.

Once built the replica of the new James Adams will operate as both a performance space and a museum. The Show Boat will house exhibits on subjects such as:

Our plan includes daily docent tours of the Floating Theater itself.

We will present contemporary light comedies and musicals in the evenings. We will perform from a repertoire of productions. We intend to present a different show each night, like the original floating theater.

140' x 40' barge

We are searching for a steel sea service barge 35 - 50 feet in width and 130 - 150 feet in length. We hope to find a donor for this barge. If a donor can not be found we must purchase an appropriate barge as funds allow. We anticipate that such a barge will cost $250,000 or more.

With the acquisition of the barge construction can begin. Current estimates are that a replica will cost $2.5 Million, or more, just to build. However grant sources do not generally fund constuction. Therefore we are heavily reliant upon private funding to make this initiative successful. We are also seeking grant funding to support performances, educational and interpretive projects.